Focus Your Workforce on the Highest Value Work

Uncover efficiency opportunities, reduce high workloads, and energize your people

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Hear From:


Sarah Devereaux

Leadership & Career Coach

Third Coast Coaching

Sarah D

Victoria Cacicedo Ordonez

Senior Director, New Market Growth and Expansion

UKG Labs

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Scott Simpson

Head of International Growth


Beamible - Yellow Blue-2

Stephanie Reuss

Co-CEO & Co-Founder


Beamible - Yellow Blue-2

Victoria Stuart

Co-CEO & Co-Founder


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What to expect

Learn how to use work design to uncover efficiency opportunities, reduce high workloads and energize your people...at the same time. You'll hear firsthand from peers, industry experts and Beamible co-founders who are applying practical Work Design methodologies to re-focus their organisations.

Throughout the webcast, we offer actionable tactics so you can begin to harness Work Design for informed and strategic optimization decisions.


Key takeaways

  • The significance of work design and role design in the context of productivity, as emphasized by Josh Bersin and other WFM and HCM thought leaders

  • How HR can bring unprecedented visibility to the workforce (without Excel)

  • Innovations in workforce alignment and engagement

  • A compelling case study featuring our two panelists, showcasing the real-world impact of work design on organizational success

"When we design work around the optimum performance profiles of each individual employee, we end up with, obviously, much better productivity, but also happier and more engaged employees"

 - Aaron McEwan, VP of research and advisory