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Work design is all about deconstructing work to understand how, what, why, where and by whom work is done in your organisation.

This visibility provides a deep understanding of where time is spent, what work is blocking progress and outcomes, what work is high-value and low-value, and what work is energising or de-energising.

Use work design to uncover opportunities to reconstruct roles and activities to provide better clarity, more sustainable workloads, greater efficiency, and optimise for business and people outcomes.

Reimagine how work can be done in a future where human and digital capabilities coexist. 


What's in the Guide?

In these 44 pages of work design expertise, you can expect to gain the knowledge and insights needed to harness its power, helping your organisation to flourish in an ever-changing world of work.

Whether you're just starting on your work design journey or looking to enhance your existing strategies, this guide will offer valuable insights,  practical advice, and simple actions to help you succeed. 

Guide Outline:

  • Introduction to Work Design
  • Designing Work for Specific Outcomes
  • Solving Problems with Work Design
  • Real Case Studies & Examples
  • Benefits of Work Design
  • How to do Work Design
  • The Prioritization Matrix
  • Tools to Support Good Work Design
  • Work Design Best Practices
  • Challenges of Work Design
  • How to Scale Work Design
  • The Work Design Lifecycle
  • Who Can Use Work Design?
  • Work Design Trends

Bonus: Each section includes actionable plays and access to additional resources!